ONYX Digital:
Digital Advocacy


ONYX Communications will develop your unique digital strategy. Our approach is always research-driven, based on industry best practices, and designed to help you reach your specific objectives from driving supporter actions, to list growth and fundraising.

We can employ a variety of digital services on your behalf including:

  • DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT – Just as our patch-through calls connect constituents to decision-makers by phone, we can generate constituent emails or tweets delivered to their elected officials.​​​
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – We can help you develop and deploy your social media campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • SUPPORTER GROWTH – We will identify and recruit new supporters to your cause, building a new base of support for ongoing advocacy and fundraising.
  • EVENT PROMOTION – We can increase turnout at events like town hall meetings (in person, telephone town halls, or online) by promoting the event online to your targeted audience.
  • PUBLIC COMMENTS – We can generate and deliver public comments to federal agencies during the public comment period of the rule making process.

At ONYX, we understand the value of utilizing different mediums of communication to drive home our message.  Digital Advocacy, through video messaging, brings the message to the constituent’s smartphone, computer, and social media.

Reaching people where they are with repetitive, consistent messaging, without being redundant, engages voters to show-up on Election Day and engage in your movement beyond.  Messaging that can reach millions per month using best practice digital products will bring your program into the next media.  Exploit the reach of your conversation with assistance from ONYX Communications (Heat, Light, Joy)​

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