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Guided by proven research and refined by decades of experience, ONYX’s phone program is uniquely qualified to amplify your message to voters/constituents.  Utilizing engaging, interactive conversation, we carry the conversation with voters from campaign to movement.  From our experience, we know that the longer the conversation, the more likely we are to convince the voter; the more frequent the contact, the more likely our message is to resonate.


ONYX Communications phone program builds on employing best practices that reflect key lessons we have gained from our experience managing local and national campaigns and causes.

Our phone programs are guided by research and refined by years of experience in the field. We use the best targeting and voter modeling available to maximize the impact of each program.


Our interactive, one-on-one conversations make the difference. We frame issues strategically to engage voters directly. We know how long each call should last, how multiple calls can work together, and how to best integrate phone calls with the rest of your media and field efforts. Discover how we move your message forward.


ONYX Communications’ calling programs employ the best practices in our medium.  Every program that we create reflects lessons we’ve learned from decades of staff experience managing campaigns and organizing causes.


We also take advantage of field and academic research. Our team has participated in numerous control-group field tests and commissioned focus groups and polls to better understand the best ways to gain voter attention and change opinions and behaviors.


“A chatty, lengthy call where the caller develops a certain rapport with the respondent - that can have a profound effect. That can raise turnout by 3, 5, or 5 percentage points.” 


- Green and Gerber, 2008

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