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Erica Walters – ONYX Mail
Strategic Partner, CleanSweep Campaigns

Erica Walters is a partner at CleanSweep Campaigns, a San Francisco-based direct mail, general consulting and online advertising firm serving Democrats and progressive causes nationally. Walters joined the firm in 1998 and has been a partner since 2003. She specializes in candidate work, ballot measures and independent expenditures. She has participated in over 350 winning campaigns in nearly every state and is proud to have helped win pro-choice, pro-family, pro-worker elections at every level from school board to the presidency.

She managed her first campaign at 19, a state legislative race in Connecticut, but received the bulk of her early political training in Montana working on caucus races, and managed numerous races around the country before moving to San Francisco. When not working, she enjoys hanging out with her stepsons, husband and two poorly behaved cats, as well as cooking, eating, boxing, traveling, hiking and playing mahjong.


With CleanSweep Campaigns and ONYX, you’re not just getting a field, phones, mail or digital firm – you’re getting a strategic partnership that is a team effort – not a group of consultants pushing and pulling for their share. When it comes to making decisions, we don’t believe it’s “our way or the highway.” We always have an opinion and we’re not shy about expressing it, but we truly believe that the input of the entire team to help think through your voter contact strategy from top to bottom. We’re known throughout the industry as a team-players because we are committed to working with every level of the organization to guarantee coherent campaign message delivery. The best media and strongest messages can be undermined by a lack of coordination with the entire campaign team, and working hand-in-hand, CleanSweep and ONYX can guarantee that won’t happen.

We believe the best-run campaigns makes our work better – and vice versa. That’s one of the many reasons that in a business famous for big egos, we are known as team players. And you get who you hire – at some firms, you get passed down to junior staffers, but at CleanSweep, you get partner level attention every day.

No one will work harder or devote more attention to your campaigns than us. We are a 30-person team and have the ability to accept as many campaigns and you need – we’re set up to handle much, much more volume in the even year and we don’t downsize in the odd year because we value the experience of our seasoned staff and want to keep them long-term. And when you hire a partner, you get a partner – on every race. CleanSweep is proud to be a partially woman-owned firm and partner Erica Walters would be working with your campaigns every day from now to Election Day. In addition to Erica, senior associate Cami Warnken, who is Latina, will be working on your caucus along with our in-house art and production teams.


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